Wall Drawing …

 Wall Drawing Rationale

The theme of the butterfly directly relates to the theme I chose for my folio last semester. This was based around the idea of spiritual development, by using the butterfly as a metaphor. My work illustrated the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. From a spiritual point of view this is like becoming a new creation when God changes people on the inside and heals physical and emotional difficulties in their life. Due to the conceptual content, a church seems an appropriate place for this type of drawing, and is of high importance as far as the relevance and context in regard to the location.

This Location is important to me as it was the first church I ever went to and despite regularly attending other churches over the years .I have consistently visited on various occasions over the years usually with my grandparents. These visits have formed a timeline of happy memories over the years. These memories vary from Sunday school, playing my clarinet and talking to the lovely people and having conversations during the cup-of-tea after the service.  It is from these memories that I am reminded that a church is not the building, but rather the people that are gathered there. However, I am really excited at the prospect of creating a wall drawing on the front of the building.

For this assignment, matching the location and concept is an integral aspect. As my artwork at the moment is based around my faith, I have chosen this location, as it is where the foundations of my faith began.  This is despite the fact that I became a believer in a different church and of a different Christian denomination (not Uniting Church). As an expression of faith, this drawing incorporating the butterfly will reflect my spiritual journey and metamorphosis and also my connection with this particular church.


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