Wall Drawing Day

Its been a really exhausting , but successful day for my wall drawing.  The weather was absolutely perfect and I ‘m pretty close to finishing it. It took a while to getting into the swing of it  and after the first 3 hours I had only done a few lines that were hardly visible at all! However once it had ‘sketched out’ the design it became rather straight forward. The only consideration I hadn’t really prepared for was the way the different colours would look on the wall. I would have thought that bright orange would show up well – but a apparently not… whereas the red that i though would camouflage too much, showed up quite well although not nearly as much as the yellow.

These were the very first lines of the wall drawing

And these photos show the general progression of the work

and after the scaffolding arrived…

The response from the community was jsut as i had hoped, i got some curious looks and even some funny comments from the public. My favorite was when  school boy remarked to his friend “Oh is that’s made of blu tac? That’s fully sick!”.  A big thank you to the lovely friends who came to visit throughout the day, and in particular the two kind people that provide the scaffolding , i very much appreciated it. Below is a succession of photos showing the development of the drawing over the course of 9 hours.  I will  hopefully  finish the drawing tomorrow morning.


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