Well after 2 days and 16 packets of blu tac later I’ve finally finished my wall drawing. I started at 8 am and went till about 3:30 today and even though I didn’t manage to put antennae on the butterfly ( due to height difficulties) I think I can say that this drawing is complete. One of the ladies from the church made a ‘do not touch’ sign and stuck it on the wall overnight, and thankfully the wall wasn’t tampered with so I was able to just finish where I left off.

The weather wasn’t quite as good as yesterday with a few spots of rain and reasonably strong winds threatening the drawing, but i was all good in the end. I was visited by a few friends and also by the Sunrysisia Daily (just for the record I didn’t tell them, I was dobbed in my someone I know! Even though I wasn’t all that fussed at the thought of  being in the newspaper as I had hoped to remain the ‘anonymous artist’ who made a wall drawing.However  I was more relaxed when they explained and began to set up for the photo . What they did was take a sheet of glass, got me to stick some blu tac and wool in zig-zags around the outside and got me to lie on the grass in front of the glass and they took the photo through the glass. So it looked like the wool and blu tac were suspended in mid air.I had another 2 friends stop by around the same time and they took the photo of the Sunraysia Daily taking the photo,which look rather funny i think!  It was a great idea and it looked really cool!

Overall I think the contrast to the wall improved so that i was actually visible from the road, like I had wanted it to. Also it engaged with the general Merbein community by creating something  a bit different,  which I hope will encourage their envolvment with the visual arts in the future.


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  1. Wow Sarah. You brought a whole new meaning to the need to step back through out the drawing process. (Still wondering how you did that once you were up on that scaffold? ) Those angled walls and the size of your work blew me away….all with wool and blu tak….!!! Well done artist friend.

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