The feedback I got from the passes by was really positive. The school kids looked really engaged as well as the adults walking with their shopping. But by far the more responsive age group were the preschoolers who yelled out and pointed at the wall which was rather amusing.  A few people stopped to ask questions and even came across someone who is connected to one of the current honors students here at LaTrobe uni which was quite an interesting conversation.  The ladies from the church were really engaged and excited by the whole project and stopped by a several times over the two days. They also gave me full access to the church hall so I could make a cup of tea whenever I liked etc. They also gave me permission to store the scaffolding in the hall overnight which was handy. They were so conscious of keeping the wall ‘vandal free’ that they made a ‘don not touch notice’ overnight, which was nice and something I hadn’t thought of.  The donated balls of wool came in very handy and I didn’t even use all of it! This meant that the project was quite affordable as the blu tac was the only experience. I had originally thought I could return the wool afterward, but after experiencing balls of wool getting very knotted in the gusts of wind this may not be possible, I’ll have to decide when I take it down. I’m hoping the wall will still be in good condition for the other members of the church to see on Sunday. If this is the case I will probably take it down on Sunday afternoon.


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