Front page of today’s Sunraysia Daily!

I got on the front page of the Sunraysia Daily- I’m so excited!!!!

Weaving art, faith: Sarah’s masterpiece takes shape at Merbein church 

By Liz O’ Brien

Sept. 21, 2012, midnight

SARAH Curtis is weaving her way to artistic success.

The 19-year-old is creating a mural from wool and Blu-Tack on the wall of Merbein’s Uniting Church as part of her Bachelor of Visual Arts course at La Trobe University.

She’s spent about 20 hours weaving the wool across the red brick wall to resemble a butterfly.

“It’s an assignment for the course I’m doing, you have to do a large-scale wall drawing,” she said.

“I did a butterfly because it represents my faith, changing on the inside and that kind of thing.

“And because it’s on a church, it’s appropriate.”

Sarah said she photographed the church, then created her design around the picture.

“I did a few rough sketches first, and took a picture of the church and did sketches on top of the photograph to work out proportions.

“I wanted it to be temporary and I thought wool and Blu-Tack would be easy to take off.

“I’ve never heard of it being done before, so I just thought I would see if it worked.

“It’s turning out nicely and sort of how I imagined.”

As she’s worked on the project over the past two days, Sarah has attracted a lot of attention.

Standing on her portable scaffold, the teenager weaves her brightly coloured wool up and down the red brick wall, and photographs her work along the way.

For more of this story, purchase your copy of Friday’s Sunraysia Daily 21/09/2012.


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