Measure of effort

H2_Measure of Effort

The scales are measuring the effort that two people put into a task and how this objectively weighs up. The conclusion from this image is that a wholehearted effort is greater than a half-hearted effort. The idea of always having a wholehearted attitude somewhat contradicts the current trend supporting things mediocre and status quo.

Tall Poppy Syndrome

H4_Tall Poppy Syndrome

The tall poppy syndrome emphasizes equality amongst all people and in
particular the same standard of achievement. However, this is not a
realistic view of how people think and achieve as is does not consider
variations in individual difference and motivations which affect outcomes.
The left side of the painting shows three individuals, one achieving their
potential and the other two underachieving in order to conform to the
values of society. The right side of the picture illustrates what could
happen if everyone were allowed to succeed as much as they are able
and to make full use of their talents.