The Grace Equation

SS12_The grace equation

The red heart represents someone who does not know God and has a sinful state of heart. The bracket containing the white heart with red stripes (representing Jesus who died for the sins of the world) in addition to the sinner who repents of their sins (red heart) and becomes an adopted child into the family of God. The end of the equation shows a red heart with a white heart in the middle representing Jesus who lives in that person’s heart and life.


Lost Now Found & Blind Now I See

These two works ‘Lost now found’ and ‘Blind now I see’ come from the lyrics of the timeless hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ written by John Newton. The lyrics reflect the writer’s immense humility and gratitude at being forgiven a lifetime of sins.

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now I’m found.

‘Twas blind, but now I see.”

Forgiveness to Freedom


The heart on its side represents the human heart when it takes offence and is unforgiving toward another person. The effect is terrible- the bitterness almost destroys the individual from the inside out (hence by the heart was placed on it’s side) The middle part of the equation shows that when the individual asks God to help forgive that person, love then pours in, and replaces the bitterness. This love and results in the freedom (the butterfly)at the end of the equation.