Wall Drawing Methodolgy

Wall Drawing Methodology

I will be creating a large ‘line drawing’ using blu tac and wool as a drawing medium. The terra/cotta coloured brick wall will be covered with multi-coloured wools in different line patterns to create the image of a butterfly.. I will use scaffolding to reach the higher parts of the wall. As the wall exterior, it may be subject to poor weather and has a large tree in front of one section (that interferes with viewing parts of the wall). Also, the drawing may become victim to vandalism due to is location on a main road.  For this reason the drawing will be completed early to mid week to try to minimise the potential of vandalism that is most likely to occur on the weekends.

Wall drawings have been around for centuries; first discovered in caves, to frescos in the renaissance and now the variations are almost endless in the contempory art of today.  Sol Le Witt has made hundreds of wall drawings by simply giving instructions for someone else to carry out to make the drawing as apposed to doing it all himself, an idea I found quite interesting.

Elizabeth Makenzie does faint graphite drawings on the walls around artworks in gallery spaces that interact with the surrounding art evoking interesting questions about their meaning and purpose. Both Kirsty Jall and Debbi Smyth use thread and pins on walls to create intricate line drawings that are so carefully executed that it is hard to believe that the images are made from thread at all.  I find these works most intriguing as they relate directly to my work through the use of similar medium.  From a distance the thread seems to appear as though it is a fine liner pen on a white surface.


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